From left: Christopher Bravo and Samantha Bravo
Naugatuck Police Department
September 07, 2018 12:37 PM

Police across several states are searching for a missing Connecticut couple and their two children who haven’t been heard from since Aug. 11, raising increasing concerns about their whereabouts and safety, PEOPLE confirms.

On Wednesday, authorities learned that Andres Bravo, 43, Jennifer Cubillos, 33, and kids Christopher Bravo, 14, and Samantha Bravo, 11 — all of Naugatuck — had disappeared when school officials said they were unable to locate the family’s children, according to Naugatuck police.

School administrators said Christopher and Samantha were last seen at the end of the previous school year, in June. Police said their parents were last seen in late June or early July at a local bank.

Looking for answers this week, school employees visited the family’s home on Wednesday morning and discovered it vacated, according to police.

Phone contacts for Bravo and Cubillos were also found to be inactive.

After launching an investigation, Naugatuck detectives learned that the family’s home had been sold and vacated in late June or early July. Bravo and Cubillos had told family members at that time that they were planning to move to Florida — but it’s a mystery whether or not they made it there.

“Everything that we have been able to check shows that they have not re-established [in Florida],” Lt. Bryan Cammarata told the Hartford Courant. “We can’t even verify that they have even left the state.”

From left: Andres Bravo and Jennifer Cubillos
Naugatuck Police Department

Relatives of the Bravos told police they had received text messages from the parents until about Aug. 11, with the most recent messages showing they were set to return to Connecticut.

“Right now, there is nothing to indicate there was anything criminal,” Lt. Cammarata told the Courant. “But we’re not ruling anything out at this point.” Cammarata said the family’s relatives have told police they want the foursome added to missing-persons lists.

The family has left no forwarding information, police said. Public records still list the parents as living at the empty Naugatuck address. A 2007 Dodge Nitro SUV with Connecticut license plate number AL-51810 is also still registered to the couple, police said.

A phone call on Wednesday only complicated the case, the Courant reports: Someone purporting to be one of the missing family members reached out to police but did not report to law enforcement with proof of their identity, as asked.

A Facebook page that appears to belong to Bravo boasts photos of his wife and kids and states that he is from Medellin, Colombia. According to the page, he and Cubillos wed in May 2003.

The family has been listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center. Authorities have issued Silver Alerts for the children, indicating that they are missing and may be in need of help.

“Based on information obtained in this investigation thus far there is no indication of criminal activity, however, the safety of all individuals involved needs to be verified,” Lt. Cammarata said in a statement from Naugatuck police.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the family should contact Naugatuck police at 203-729-5221 or the confidential tip line at 203-720-1010.

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