Regis Duvignau/Reuters/Landov
May 20, 2015 07:40 AM

French police may have uncovered another attack against Charlie Hebdo after two men – one suspected of links to Islamic radicals – were spotted photographing the home of the paper’s new editor, Laurent Sourrisseau.

Known as “Riss,” Sourrisseau was among those injured during the January attack on the satirical magazine’s Paris offices that left 12 dead.

According to reports on Wednesday in Le Parisien, witnesses say on successive days last week, they saw two different men stop on a scooter in front of the cartoonist’s home and take photos of the building’s entrance on a cellphone before driving away. Both men were taken into custody by police shortly afterwards.

The first suspect has a criminal record with over 20 offenses, police sources told Le Parisien. The second has an even longer record and is suspected of having ties to Islamic extremists. Reports indicate the second suspect already carried a “S fiche,” a file identifying subjects on a heightened security watch list.

The two men have been questioned and released by police. They claim the incidents were nothing more than a coincidence.

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