This is the second violation in two months for Corcoran State Prison's most high-profile inmate

Credit: Corcoran, California State Prison/AP

Charles Manson has been discovered with a contraband mobile phone in his California jail cell for the second time in two months.

The notorious ringleader of 1969’s so-called Manson murders was caught with the smuggled cell phone on Jan. 6 in a highly protected area inside the state prison at Corcoran, reports Sacramento’s KCRA.

Prison officials, who also confiscated a phone from Manson in December, are looking into how he obtained this latest device.

In December, the Los Angeles Times reported that Manson had used the first phone to make calls and send texts to people in California, New Jersey, Florida and British Columbia.

Manson, 76, who is serving a life sentence, lost 30 days credit for the first violation.