Millan is currently under investigation after a dog nipped a pig's ear on an episode of his Nat Geo WILD series 'Cesar 911'

By Andrea Park
March 12, 2016 10:55 AM
Larry Marano/Getty

The owner of the dog at the center of “Dog WhispererCesar Millan‘s animal cruelty investigation is standing up for the famed animal expert.

In a video released to TMZ, Sandy, who owns both Simon, a French bulldog/Boston terrier mix, and several pigs, explained why Millan should not be charged with animal cruelty after Simon was seen biting one of Millan’s pigs in a recent episode of Cesar 911.

“I had asked for Cesar’s help because Simon had a lifelong history of aggression towards animals, including my two potbellied pigs,” Sandy said. “During the filming of Simon’s rehabilitation, he did nip the ear of a large farm pig and the ear began to bleed. However, the farm pig was not seriously injured and within an hour of the incident Simon and the pig were walking calmly and peacefully together.”

She continued: “I feel so blessed to have had Cesar’s help and it upsets me profoundly that people have mischaracterized what really happened. I have a brand new life with Simon and having Cesar’s help made the difference. It’s the best thing that ever happened to Simon and I.”

Los Angeles County Animal Control is investigating Millan, 46, after the footage from Millan’s Nat Geo WILD show aired earlier this week. According to NBC LA, animal welfare officials received multiple calls complaining about the alleged animal abuse depicted in the episode and a 24-hour notice was issued for the self-taught dog behaviorist. No formal charges have been filed against Millan.

Millan spoke to PEOPLE on Friday about the accusations. Although he defended his actions and training methods, he was also understanding of people’s concerns and the investigation.

“This is what I love about America,” he said. “In America, animals have rights to a certain extent. And when somebody complains about it the law enforcement have to come and supervise. They do it to everybody and they’re doing the right thing.”

But, Millan said, angry viewers are missing the real story of the episode.

“[The show] is about helping dogs in crisis,” he said. “To me, that’s what the real story is here, some people would like to make it bigger than what it is, they’re taking this story out of proportion. If they watch the episode they can see clearly that the dog and the pig became best friends.”

Millan also explained that it was necessary for Simon to be put in the situation with the pig so that the trainer could help correct Simon’s behavior.

“My main goal is to educate human kind so we don’t end up euthanizing dogs with the mistakes we make. I’m going to do whatever it takes to save the life of a dog. I don’t use animals as bait,” he said. “I take the cases nobody wants. It’s ridiculous that they’d take something and turn it into this, when my main goal is purely harmony and balance.”