Enterprising 22-Year-Old Attempts to Counterfeit $100 Bills with Napkins

Cass Alder also defrauded H&R Block to the tune of nearly $5,300


Cass Alder, of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is a very ambitious 22-year-old.

Besides defrauding H&R Block of $5,267 CAD (or $4,216.64 in USD) using a fraudulent tax form, Alder has also been sentenced with counterfeiting charges in his hometown of Lennox Island. But it’s really Alder’s methodology that’s deserving of some attention.

Alder purchased a package of napkins emblazoned with the image of a $100 Canadian dollar bill, cut out the images and pasted them to pieces of paper using a glue stick. He then baked the forgeries for a short time to ensure a solid hold.

Alder’s plan crumpled like so many napkins when he attempted to spend the bills at a convenience store, only to have a clerk refuse to accept it. He then fled the store.

Alder was sentenced to 18 months probation for the counterfeiting and 60 days in jail for the fraudulent tax scam. The charges date back to 2013, when drugs were a “serious issue” in Alder’s life, according to Nova News Now. He told the court he has since turned his life around.

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