Court is canceled for the day in the murder case amid bickering and judicial threats

By People Staff
June 20, 2011 02:15 PM
Credit: Joe Burbank/Landov

It was a war of words Monday morning during the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense lawyer Jose Baez bickered about legal issues for about 25 minutes, before Judge Belvin Perry accused them of wasting time and not abiding by the rules of the court.

“There have been gamesmanship in this particular case and it is quite evident there is a friction between attorneys,” Perry said in the courtroom. “That is something I guess the Florida bar will deal with. And at the conclusion of this trial this court will deal with violations which may or may not have occurred.”

Warning that such continued behavior could result in a mistrial, Perry then canceled court for the rest of the day.
Dahvi Shira