Casey Anthony Family Computer Searched 'Neck Breaking' and 'Death'

"Ruptured spleen," "chest trauma" and "inhalation" were also searched, a witness says

Photo: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Getty

It didn’t stop with “chloroform.”

After one expert testified Wednesday that this word came up as a search term on the Casey Anthony family computer, another witness elicited gasps in the courtroom when he described what else was in the computer:

• Self defense
• Hand to hand combat
• Head injuries
• Ruptured Spleen
• Chest Trauma
• Internal Bleeding
• Inhalation
• Death

Dennis Bradley told the murder-trial jury that these terms were used on Google and Wikipedia on March 17, 2008 – while Casey’s 2-year-old daughter Caylee was still alive.

Three months later, Caylee was reported missing and Casey would be charged with murder after the child’s remains were found.

The prosecution claims that these searches were made while Casey’s parents George and Cindy Anthony – the only other adults in the Florida house – were at work.

Four days later, on March 21, 2008, someone used the computer to search “how to make chloroform.” The next search: “making weapons out of household products.” Later that day, someone searched for “neck breaking,” according to expert testimony.

Under cross-examination, the defense – which claims Caylee died of accidental drowning – questioned the reliability of Bradley’s work. “Your software had a bug in it, didn’t it?” asked Baez, “and you stayed up all night to fix it.”

“Yes, sir,” answered Bradley.

Baez also noted there is no way of knowing who made the searches, and that the user only spent seconds on some of the pages.

Casey sat emotionless in her seat throughout the testimony, showing no reaction.

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