Computer records suggest Casey Anthony's mother was working at time of searches

By Steve Helling
July 01, 2011 04:30 PM
Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Landov(2)

Did Cindy Anthony search for chloroform as she testified?

When she took the stand last week, Cindy Anthony shocked the courtroom by taking responsibility for several incriminating searches on the family computer.

On Friday, the prosecution called John Camperlengo, chief compliance officer for Gentiva Health, the company where Cindy Anthony worked in March 2008. He testified that Cindy was making entries at her office computer at the same time she claimed she had search for chlorophyll, which led her to various sites about chloroform, as well as searches for “chest injuries.”

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Camperlengo testified that, because Gentiva complies with HIPAA laws, they monitor all logins and logouts on the business computers.

“Was Mrs. Anthony logged in and working on those dates?” asked prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick.

“Yes,” Camperlengo said.

At the testimony, Cindy Anthony vigorously shook her head and sighed.

Then Cindy Anthony’s supervisor took the stand. Debbie Polisano testified that the record-keeping rules at Gentiva were strict. Presented with company time cards, Polisano testified that Cindy Anthony was at work when the searches were conducted.

“It would have been illegal to say she was working when she was not,” Polisano testified.

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Prosecutors allege that Casey Anthony used chloroform to kill her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee, and that these searches – done three months before the toddler’s death – show that the crime was premeditated.

Casey Anthony, who could face the death penalty in the murder trial, had no reaction to the testimony on Friday.