In an emotional press conference, the Florida State Attorney chokes up while admitting using the website

Credit: Landov

As a Florida prosecutor, Jeff Ashton stepped into the public eye when he prosecuted Casey Anthony in 2011. The high-profile case helped Ashton land a book deal – and he even wrote a bestselling book about the case. He was later elected as State Attorney.

Now, Ashton is in the public eye again – and he’s not too happy about it.

On Saturday, the East Orlando Post reported that Ashton was a paying member of Ashley Madison, the cheating website marketed to married people.

In an emotional press conference on Sunday, Ashton admitted to visiting the site. “I was curious about the Ashley Madison website,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion. “I deeply regret my affiliation with the site, which has caused a great amount of stress and heartache to my wife and children.”

Ashton then said that his involvement on the site never led to an affair. “I indulged my curiosity of the site, but it never went beyond that,” he said. “I never met anybody in person. The entire thing was limited to this website.”

When asked by a reporter if Ashley Madison was the only website he had visited, Ashton replied “Yes.”

Ashton maintained that no crime had been committed, and that he would not step down as State Attorney. Asked what his username on Ashley Madison, Ashton replied, “I think I’ve humiliated myself enough for one weekend.”

Ashton is one of many notable people who have been linked to the website, which was hacked earlier this year. Other users of the site include Josh Duggar and viral video star Sam Rader.

“It was an unbelievable act of stupidity,” Ashton said. “But it’s a private matter between my wife and me.”