Anthony must reimburse police for lying to them, Judge Belvin Perry rules

By Liz Raftery
September 16, 2011 11:10 AM
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Credit: Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/Landov

Casey Anthony may have been acquitted on charges of murder and child abuse, but she must pay nearly $100,000 to Florida law enforcement agencies for sending investigators on what prosecutors described as a “wild goose chase” as they searched for her daughter Caylee, who was eventually found dead.

Currently undergoing psychological treatment, Anthony, 25, was found guilty on four counts of lying to investigators back in July, which prompted Judge Belvin Perry’s order Thursday that she reimburse authorities some $97,000, less than a fifth of the total current estimated cost of the investigation.

“It seems to be a reasonable and fair compromise between the claims” of the prosecution and Anthony’s defense team, local defense attorney Richard Hornsby told the Orlando Sentinel.

The amount could be increased, pending additional expense report filings by state agencies.

Prosecutors had originally requested that Anthony pay at least $500,000 for the investigation, which is at present estimated to total $517,000.

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