Mom Asks Casey Anthony in Jail: Will We Find Caylee?

"I want her to be found," Casey says a jailhouse visit video shown at murder trial

Although Casey Anthony has not taken the stand, jurors have heard a lot from the 25-year-old Florida mom on trial for killing her daughter Caylee, 2.

On Thursday afternoon, prosecutors played recorded jail visitation between Anthony and her parents, George and Cindy, after Casey’s arrest for what at the time was then still a missing-child case.

“Everyone is looking for her,” Cindy Anthony said on the tape, her voice wavering. “Are we going to be able to find her?”

“I hope we can, Mom,” Casey responds.

In the Orlando courtroom, Anthony stared off into space as jurors leaned forward to see the video playing on monitors near the jury box.

Later during the jailhouse visit, Cindy Anthony expresses her desire to find Caylee before her 3rd birthday, in August 2008.

“I want her to be found,” Casey replies, “whether I’m stuck in here or not.”

Casey also offers kind words to her father, George, telling him, “You’ve been a great dad and the best grandfather. Don’t for a second think otherwise.”

Several jurors glanced at Casey, who now alleges that her father molested her when she was a child. The defense says this emotional trauma in part caused Casey to lie about what Casey now says is the real reason her daughter died: an accidental drowning.

In the courtroom gallery, George and Cindy Anthony watched the videotape without reaction.

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