Since her not-guilty verdict, Anthony has received more than $200 from supporters

By Alison Schwartz
July 14, 2011 10:50 AM
Credit: Red Huber/AP

Since her acquittal earlier this month, Casey Anthony has been receiving support and sympathy from strangers – and her bank account is benefiting.

Sympathetic admirers from as far away as Canada have been sending Anthony, 25, checks, which she uses to buy snacks and cosmetics, reports ABC News.

As of Thursday, Anthony had earned $472.18 – almost $200 more than she had the day she received the verdict – from at least 17 different donors since May, according to Orange County Corrections Department records.

The average inmate’s account balance at the jail is $36.30.

With the money, donated mainly by men ranging in age from 19 to late 50s, Anthony bought deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, eyeliner, hair ties, premium chicken breasts, spicy peanuts and jalapeño nacho cheese dip.

“I do not know Casey personally, nor am I supporting her as a person, nor am I anything like the people sending her love letters and asking her to marry them,” one of her more generous male donors, who’s in his late 20s, says. “However, what I am supporting is the jury’s decision to acquit based on lack of evidence failing to overcome the reasonable doubt standard.”

Anthony, who does not appear to have contacted any of the donors, will keep the remaining balance when she is released from jail Sunday.

Meanwhile, Texas Equusearch is suing Casey Anthony for more than $100,000 to recoup the money they spent searching for Caylee Anthony.