Jeff Truesdell
January 16, 2018 11:53 AM

On Saturday, two North Carolina children were found fatally injured in their home after their mother jumped to her death from a highway bridge, and the tragedy has devastated friends and family.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police identified the deceased as 34-year-old Christina Treadway, her 7-year-old son Isaiah Miller and her 3-year-old daughter Iliyah Miller.

Authorities who encountered Treadway dead after she jumped from a bridge on Interstate 485 discovered information that led them back to the mother’s residence, where the children were located.

Here are five things to know about the case.

1. The Mom Worked for the Carolina Panthers Football Team

Treadway, who celebrated her young children’s accomplishments with a series of YouTube videos she posted under the name Tina Lateena, was employed during the recent regular football season by the Carolina Panthers football team at the 75,000-seat Bank of America Stadium, the team’s home field in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Treadway worked as a game-day ticket taker, Steven Drummond, the team’s director of communications and digital media, confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE.

On her YouTube channel, Treadway, whose videos showed her singing as well as the singing and dancing of her children, described herself as “A mom who loves her kids and glam!!”

Christina Treadway, center, with her son Isaiah Miller, at left, and daughter Iliyah Miller

2. Treadway Texted Her Boyfriend Saying She Was ‘Going to End it All’

Six months ago Treadway posted a “Happy 34th Birthday Antoine” video to the children’s father, Antoine Moore, writing, “My love for you is so BIG it has reached all over the world!”

Moore’s father, Greg Moore, told local TV station FOX 46 WJZY that his son, who had been in a relationship with Treadway for about 10 years, was out with friends when he received a text “saying that she loves him and she’s sorry and that she’s going to end it all and the kids.”

“What she did is unbelievable,” Moore said.

“He has never ever been abusive, his kids love him, he’s a great father, a great son and I love him dearly,” he said. “Right now, I don’t know how he’s holding up. We’re a basket case and he’s holding us together.”

3. Authorities Have Not Commented on a Motive

After they found Treadway, police recovered information that directed them back to the residence she shared with her two children, and then forced their way inside. The children were alive but had injuries that caused them to be taken to Carolina Medical Center, where they later died.

Authorities did not release the nature of the injuries against the children but said they were looking at what might have caused Treadway to harm them.

“Obviously, that’s at the core of this investigation,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Major Mike Smathers, WKRN reports. “What would cause someone to be so despondent to want to take their own life and take the lives of their children? But that’s going to be a key component of the investigation, and we’re nowhere near ready to speak on that.”

Iliyah Miller, left, with her brother

4. ‘My World Came Crumbling Down,’ Says Children’s Father

Father Antoine Miller launched a GoFundMe page after the tragedy, asking for the financial assistance of others to “Help Me Send My Two Angels Home.”

“I really don’t know where to start my heart is broken, my world came crumbling down last night,” he wrote. “My children’s mother decided to end her life. And end my two beautiful kids lives. I am beyond hurt and sad.”

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“You never know what a person is going through mentally. My kids were my everything I truly don’t know how my life will go on. Thank you all for your continued support during this tough time keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we do our best to heal. I love you all.”

He signed his post, “Proud father.”

Miller also directed others to a separate GoFundMe page set up by Treadway’s parents to assist with their costs and travel needs. “We love and support the Treadway family and we wish them nothing but love and healing during this time,” he wrote.

5. The Children’s Grandmother Considered Treadway to Be ‘A Great Mom’

“She was a great mom,” said Antoine Moore’s mother and the children’s grandmother, Tina Moore, reported FOX 46 WJZY. “She was really, really a great girl.”

She added: “I love Tina to death, but she was just troubled. I don’t know what happened because she came and stayed at my house for the summer. I don’t know what happen, she just lost it.”

Tina Moore’s husband said: “I just feel bad they won’t be able to grow up and be the good people they are suppose to be. I told my son, ‘You’re going to have to live their life for them and we’re not going to forget them.'”

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