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In an interview with Inside Edition, Valle, 32, said he continues to visit dark fantasy websites

February 09, 2017 12:39 AM

Gilberto Valle, the “cannibal cop” from New York City, reveals he still harbors dark sexual fantasies about killing and eating women.

In an interview with Inside Edition that aired Wednesday, Valle, 32, said he continues to visit fantasy websites, even after he was arrested in 2012 and convicted over the discovery of online messages where he discussed killing his wife, as well as kidnapping, killing and eating other women.

Valle’s conviction was later overturned.

The father-of-one tells Inside Edition he does “on occasion” visit the websites “because there’s nothing illegal, there’s nothing wrong with that. What I do at home is my business.”

“It’s not a crime to fantasize about people you know,” he says. “It’s not a crime to fantasize about committing crimes against people you know. It’s action. There were no actions taken, period.”

Valle, who was a former NYPD officer, is set to release a new book, Raw Deal: The Untold Story of NYPD’s Cannibal Cop, which describes the series of events leading up to his ex-wife discovering his secret online chats about his sexual fantasies, as well as what transpired after.

In an excerpt from his book obtained by Inside Edition, Valle wrote he had used his wife’s computer after his stopped working. She installed spyware after suspecting that he was having an affair.

“This, of course, led to her finding the kind of pornography I was really looking at, and eventually all the chats that went along with the secret fantasy life I was living,” he wrote.

He continued, writing, “It was not that I thought anything was wrong with me; I was just aroused by certain things, just like everyone else. Just because my template was different didn’t mean I thought that it was a big problem. I would never harm anyone in real life, so why did I care what turned me on?”


Following his arrest, the NYPD fired him and his wife filed for divorce. She moved to Nevada, taking their young daughter with her, Inside Edition reports.

He tells the outlet he hasn’t seen his daughter in five years and goes to therapy regularly. Valle never acted upon his thoughts to abuse, cook, and devour women.

“No one can just snap their fingers and it goes away,” he says. “I would never hurt anyone, ever. If there is a treatment, if someone can snap a finger or say a magic word but no one can choose what they are into.”

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