Camille Cosby Arrives for Deposition in Husband's Defamation Case After Judge Strikes Down Last-Minute Motion to Delay

Camille Cosby's deposition was pushed to 10 a.m. Monday

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Camille Cosby began being questioned under oath Monday morning about her husband, Bill, after a federal judge denied a last-minute request to postpone her deposition.

At a brief status conference before the deposition, Cosby attorney Monique Pressley told the judge she had numerous concerns about the security of the venue where the deposition was being held and said reporters were on the floor where the deposition was to take place.

She is “concerned the lack of security will intimidate or emotionally aggravate this witness,” she told U.S. District Judge Mark Mastroianni.

The judge told her there have been many depositions at the venue including high profile ones and that “there should be adequate security in place.”

Mastroianni ruled on Sunday that the deposition can proceed, but scheduled the status conference beforehand. It is set to get underway at the Marriott in Springfield, Massachusetts, and to last all day.

Afterward, Joe Cammarata, who subpoenaed Camille, told reporters said he was glad it was finally going to happen after many delays.

“Finally,” he told reporters outside the courtroom in Springfield. “We can move forward and vindicate our clients.”

When asked why he wanted to depose Camille, Cammarata said “she is someone close to Mr Cosby for 50 years” and that he hopes to learn about “issues important to the case, his relationship to her, to other women.”

He admits she is a reluctant witness who very well may not want to answer questions.

“We expect to probe carefully and respectfully,” he said. “I intend to get the information important to the case.”

While acknowledging that Camille “has rights not to answer questions,” he says those rights are limited and he can get the judge on the phone and bring her back if there are disagreements about which questions she has to answer.


Camille’s Emergency Motion: Wife ‘Has Had No Involvement With The Facts or Allegations Underlying This Case’

On Saturday, Camille’s lawyers filed the emergency motion just days before the 71-year-old was scheduled to take part in a Monday deposition as part of a defamation lawsuit against comedian Bill Cosby.

In her original motion, which was obtained by PEOPLE, Camille’s lawyers said their client “has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case.”

They argued that Camille’s testimony, which was set to take place outside of court in Massachusetts, would create a “media circus” and “personal security threat.”

Marshall Searcy, one of Camille’s lawyers, further said that she would be “subjected to a parade through a sea of reporters.”

Prior to Friday’s court ruling, Judge Mastroianni said on Feb. 11 that Camille must answer at least some questions in a deposition.

The defamation suit was first brought against Bill by Tamara Green, but now includes six other women who say the 78-year-old drugged and/or sexually assaulted them.

Bill was separately charged with allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Constand in Jan. 2004 in Pennsylvania. A confidentiality agreement was negotiated in 2006, but Bill filed a breach of contract lawsuit on Feb. 1, charging that Constand and her mother violated the agreement.

Part of the current criminal case against Bill is based on revelations from Constand when she spoke to the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, district attorney’s office about the 2004 incident. Over 50 women have also come out to say they were victims of the entertainer.

Ahead of the judge’s decision on Sunday, Joseph Cammarata, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, filed a request to have the motion denied, calling it “meritless” and that “the Cosbys should not be allowed to indefinitely delay Mrs. Cosby’s deposition by repeatedly filing what is in substance the same motion, over and over again.” With additional reporting from Marie Mercedes Lara

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