Michael Douglas's son will live in dormitory style barracks and will be allowed to take drug education classes

By Sharon Cotliar
May 14, 2010 10:00 PM
Credit: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty

Cameron Douglas, who was sentenced to five years in prison for drug dealing, has been transferred to a minimum security prison camp without fences in Lewisburg, Pa.

The 31-year-old son of actor Michael Douglas, who was arrested last July in a federal drug sting, had been housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan since August. His transfer to the minimum security satellite camp, 170 miles west of Philadelphia, comes three weeks after his sentencing.

At his April 20 sentencing, Douglas, a heroin addict, told Judge Richard Berman that he planned to stay sober and live a more productive life if given the chance. The judge warned Cameron and his family: “This may be [Cameron’s] last chance.”

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In Lewisburg, the former deejay and aspiring actor, will live in a dormitory style barracks with rows of bunk beds. He will also be expected to work. Inmates typically receive between 12 cents and 46 cents an hour for jobs such as landscaping, plumbing or electrical work, according to a Bureau of Prisons spokesperson.

Since Douglas has a GED, he will also be allowed to take classes such as drug education, the spokesperson said. Though inmates are allowed outdoors in the evenings, they’re expected inside once it’s dark, and they’re typically expected to be in bed by 10 p.m.

Douglas’s lawyer, Nicholas De Feis, had asked the judge to recommend that Cameron receive drug treatment in prison, though he won’t receive that treatment until he is closer to the end of his sentence. At Cameron’s sentencing, De Feis told the judge that Cameron, who began abusing drugs at the age of 13, has been sober for eight months, his longest period of sobriety in his adult life.

Michael Douglas told the Today Show‘s Matt Lauer that he made no excuses for his son s actions.

“Look, my son was a drug dealer, and he’s been trying to kill himself for a while, and I can’t condone his behavior, so I think the court recognized his drug addiction as well as the crime he committed.” Asked if he thought Cameron got a lesser sentence because his father is famous, Douglas said, “It’s an adequate, I think, amount of time for anybody to spend in jail, and the best part of it is, he will be able to start his life afresh.”