Australian authorities released the footage on Tuesday, asking the public for help in identifying the suspect
Camera Catches Thief Reeling in Versace Necklace with a Fishing Rod

Australian authorities are asking for help in identifying a man who stole a $700 gold Versace necklace using a fishing rod.

On Tuesday, Victoria Police released new images and footage captured on CCTV that show a suspect robbing a “high-end fashion store” in Melbourne last month, using his fishing rod to reel in the necklace off of a mannequin.

“Do you recognize this man? We believe he used a fishing rod to commit a burglary on a high-end fashion store in Melbourne,” authorities tweeted on Tuesday, adding, “WATCH: Security footage shows a man using a fishing rod to remove a Versace necklace from a mannequin within the store just after 2am.”

Police say the burglary occurred on Little Collins Street, located in Melbourne’s central business district, on Monday, Feb. 24, just after 2 a.m. The man first broke the store window before using his rod to fish out the necklace.

In the video, the suspect wears a blue Lonsdale sweater with grey tracksuit pants and blue sneakers. According to police, the suspect was “fishing for nearly three hours before landing his catch,” per a statement on their website.

Victoria authorities later told CBS News that the suspect failed to steal the necklace during his first attempt with a small rod. He then came back with a bigger rod and eventually secured the expensive piece.

Police describe the suspect “as Caucasian in appearance, about 180 cm tall [5 ft. 9 in.], with short, fair receding hair, aged between 40-50 years.”

“It’s fairly blatant and it’s quite bold as well, to have someone attend with a fishing rod in the middle of the night,” Victoria Police Senior Constable Bede Whitty told CBS.

Victoria Police did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

As of Thursday morning, there have been no new updates on the whereabouts of the suspect.