RayRay Darn and Marilyn Northington went to the ER with their 5-week-old son, who was allegedly covered in bruises and burn marks

Ray Ray Darn and Marilyn Northington
Ray Ray Darn and Marilyn Northington
| Credit: Contra Costa Sheriff's Office

A California couple is facing murder charges in the beating death of their newborn son, who they brought to the hospital allegedly covered in bruises and burn marks, authorities announced.

On Tuesday, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office filed murder charges against Ray Ray Darn, 35, and Marilyn Northington, 28, in connection with the death of their 5-week-old son, the DA's Office said in a news release.

The East Bay couple is also charged with felony child abuse and felony assault on a child causing death.

The two allegedly killed their 5-week-old son after assaulting him "by means of force that to a reasonable person would be likely to produce great bodily injury," charging documents state, The Mercury News reports.

The alleged killing came to light on the night of February 4, when the couple, who was staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Richmond, was seen rushing out of the hotel with the infant, The Mercury News reports.

An employee at the hotel called police at about 6:30 p.m., telling officers that when the couple raced out of the hotel with their newborn, they told the employee the baby wasn't breathing and they were going to a hospital, The Mercury News reports.

"When the couple arrived at the emergency room, the baby was seen by a doctor and the doctor pronounced the baby dead," the DA's office says in the release.

The baby was suffering from visible injuries, including burn marks on his face, the release says. His right leg appeared broken and had been burned.

"A circular mark was present on the baby's leg where the burn injury occurred," the release says. "Additionally, the baby appeared severely malnourished."

Armed with a search warrant, the Richmond Police Department went to the hotel room where they say they found drug paraphernalia including a meth pipe and two butane lighters, the release says.

An autopsy conducted by the Coroner's Office found the victim had suffered from a broken right femur, facial scarring, dehydration and malnourishment, bruising on the top of his right thigh, thermal burns on his nose and right cheek, and thermal burns to his lower part of his body.

An internal examination by the Coroner's Office found internal injuries consisting of seven fractured ribs, bleeding inside his skull and a skull fracture. 

The two were arrested on Feb. 4, KTVU reports.

They are both being held in lieu of $2.2 million bail.

They have not yet entered pleas.

It is unclear whether they have retained attorneys who can speak on their behalf.

The suspects have two other young children who were taken into the care of Child Family Services after they were arrested, said police, KRON 4 reports.