February 22, 2015 04:10 PM

One woman was killed in the Malibu car crash Bruce Jenner was a part of on Feb. 7, and four cars were involved. However, the question of who caused the crash remains up in the air.

Because of Jenner’s celebrity status, the crash was well-documented by the paparazzi – and police say they are examining a video taken from a camera on a nearby bus – but many questions still remain as authorities investigate.

What’s known so far: Kim Howe, 69, was killed after Jenner’s SUV hit her white Lexus from behind on the Pacific Coast Highway and pushed it into opposing traffic, where it was struck by a black Hummer. A Prius was stopped in front of the Lexus at the time of the crash. In a statement, Jenner called the accident a devastating tragedy.

Is there a video of the crash?

“We have received a surveillance video from an MTA [bus] that captured the whole accident on video,” Det. Richard Curry of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. tells PEOPLE. “But we’re not commenting on what it actually shows.”

A source says the authorities may be ready to release information about what is on the tape before the end of the month. Of existing reports about what it shows, “There’s some things that are accurate and some that are inaccurate,” the source says.

Who was the driver of the Prius?
Jessica Steindorff, 29, an L.A.-based talent manager who previously worked at William Morris Agency and now is the owner of Stone Village Management, was at the wheel of the Prius. Her clients include Alessandra Ambrosio, according to IMDBPro.

Was the crash caused by paparazzi?
Though the paparazzi were on hand to document the moments immediately before, during and after the crash, authorities have said they do not believe they directly or inadvertently caused the incident.

Curry says that “based on what we’ve seen at the scene,” the Prius was stopped because “traffic had backed up. We don’t have any witnesses to contradict that.”

Steindorff’s lawyer adds that the police are not investigating any relationship between Steindorff and the paparazzi and “my client did not know any other persons involved in the crash, nor any of the witnesses.”

Could someone be sued for their involvement in the crash?
Authorities are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash. In car crashes in general, it’s possible that more than one driver can be held liable.

“In California, we have something called ‘comparative fault,’ meaning fault can be apportioned by a court among many parties,” says James Fox, an attorney who specializes in motor vehicle crashes and vehicle defect cases but who has no direct involvement with the incident.

If the family of the Lexus driver chooses to take civil action against Jenner, he could face an expensive lawsuit. If he were found liable, “the sky’s the limit with what a jury could award,” says Fox.

Could criminal charges be filed?
“Any time anyone dies in a car accident, there’s always a possibility,” says Curry. Any charges would depend on the evidence uncovered in the investigation, and “it comes down to the district attorney that it’s presented to,” he adds. But Fox says charges are unlikely for Jenner. “If he’s going at a really excessive speed, if he’s under the influence of alcohol or a drug, if he’s texting, these would certainly be things that a prosecutor would want to explore, but most drivers that are involved in fatality crashes are not charged with vehicular manslaughter,” says Fox. Jenner has said he wasn’t texting, and police have said he wasn’t speeding and passed a field sobriety text.


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