Adnan Ghalib faces felonies after allegedly smashing his car into a man serving a restraining order
Credit: cpb/cnb/

An arrest warrant has been issued for Britney Spears‘s paparazzo ex-boyfriend to face felony charges of trying to avoid a process server – with the help of some German engineering.

According to L.A. prosecutors, the victim was serving a temporary restraining order, obtained by Spears’s father, at Adnan Ghalib’s apartment complex in Encino on Feb. 11 when Ghalib got into his Mercedes and drove it toward the victim.

To avoid being penned against a trash truck, the victim jumped on the hood and hung on as the car served, eventually falling off and breaking his wrist, among other injuries, the District Attorney alleges. Ghalib allegedly drove away without stopping.

Ghalib was slapped Tuesday with three felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run and battery, all worth up to seven years in prison if convicted. The charges include special allegations: use of a deadly weapon – a car – and great bodily injury. Prosecutors are asking bail be set at $110,000.