Britney Spears's Lawyer Says She's Being Treated Unfairly

He says 24 months of probation for driving without a valid license is too long

Photo: Cousart-Ramirez-Rios/JFX

Britney Spears’s attorney says the singer is being treated unfairly in her case of driving without a valid California license.

In a Los Angeles courtroom Monday a judge agreed to postpone the proceedings on the case to Jan. 2 so attorneys can further negotiate.

Spears’s lawyer J. Michael Flanagan commented outside court, saying that he feels the system is treating the singer too harshly by seeking 24 months’ probation for what he considers “a fix-it ticket.”

“No misdemeanor violation is satisfying to me,” Flanagan says, adding that in 38 years he’s never seen the system seek to punish someone so harshly for this type of violation.

He also said that deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Amerian offered a plea deal of 12 months, but Flanagan wants no probation at all.

After being cited for driving without a valid a California license, the singer did obtain one on Oct. 2. However, “that doesn’t account for when she drove without it,” City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said previously.

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