Britney Spears's Ex Ordered to Stay Away for Three Years

Adnan Ghalib, who's also facing felony charges, must not communicate with Spears

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Britney Spears and ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib won’t be getting back together anytime soon.

The paparazzo, 36, is forbidden from communicating with the singer, 27, or getting within 100 yards of her for the next three years, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva K. Bobb ruled Wednesday.

The orders also prevent Ghalib from contacting Spears directly or indirectly through phone, mail or e-mail, as well as forbid him to claim that he represents her interests. Others protected by the order include Spears’s parents, siblings and her children.

The singer’s father, Jamie Spears, who requested the order in January, has accused Ghalib and ex-manager Sam Lutfi of trying to disrupt his daughter’s life. Before Jamie gained legal control over Britney, the pop star was hospitalized twice.

Ghalib is also facing felony charges for allegedly trying to run over a process server.

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