Bristol Palin Will Get $61K in Child Support from Ex-Fiancé Levi Johnston: Report

Levi Johnston has reportedly been ordered to pay Bristol Palin $61,915.20 in back child support for their 7-year-old son, Tripp

Photo: Instagram

Looks like a win for Bristol Palin.

Her former fiancé Levi Johnston has reportedly been ordered by a judge to pay the mother of two $61,915.20 in back child support for their 7-year-old son, Tripp, according to TMZ.

Palin’s apparent child support victory is the latest development in a years-long and sometimes bitter custody battle between the ex-couple, who in February were finally awarded joint custody of their son.

“I’m so happy to have my son in my life, and to put all of this back in (sic) forth in the courts behind me,” Johnston, 26, wrote in a Facebook post at the time. “It might have taken me 7 years and cost me around $100,000 in lawyer fees, spread out among 3 different lawyers, as well as a lot of patience, but it was all worth it.”

Johnston added that he did “owe some back child support,” noting that he had already paid a total of $50,000 since Tripp was born in 2008. “At the end of the day I know I have worked hard to meet my obligations as a father,” he said at the time.

Though Johnston won joint custody after filing a petition in 2013, Palin, 25, said in February that she did not see the outcome of the legal battle as a loss.

“These babies are my world and I will always be doing what is best for them. Every child deserves two loving parents, so I will continue to encourage that no matter what,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have never, and will never, keep them from having a positive relationship with their fathers. I did not ‘lose’ any custody case – my son has always spent most of his time with me and he will continue to do so, he is happy, healthy, and knows both of his parents love him.. Matthew 5:11.”

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Palin also appears to be coming to the end of another lengthy custody battle with her second ex-fiancé, Dakota Meyer, over their 5-month old daughter Sailor Grace. In March, an Alaska judge awarded Palin and Meyer joint legal and physical custody of their child and ruled that Meyer, who lives in Kentucky, could visit his daughter twice a month for four consecutive days. And earlier this month Palin agreed to Meyer’s court petition to have their daughter’s last name changed from Palin to Meyer.

Palin’s lawyer told PEOPLE in a statement on May 10: “Bristol consented to the change of name some time ago,” adding that both Palin and Meyer are “talking directly and just being parents without involving the lawyers.”

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