In the photo Bill Cosby does not look at the camera, instead casting his eyes downward

By Adam Carlson and Jeff Truesdell
September 25, 2018 05:27 PM
Credit: Montgomery County Correctional Facility/Shutterstock

Pennsylvania authorities on Tuesday afternoon released Bill Cosby‘s booking photo after he was sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison following his conviction for sexual assault.

In the photo the now 81-year-old disgraced entertainer does not look at the camera, instead casting his eyes downward.

Cosby learned his fate in a Montgomery County courtroom on Tuesday, some five months after he was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually abusing Andrea Constand.

Constand, a former Temple University employee, described Cosby as a mentor who used their relationship to assault her at his mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, in January 2004.

Constand was one of many dozen women who have accused Cosby of a similar pattern of behavior. He has vigorously denied their claims and vowed to appeal his conviction in Constand’s case, which was the only one to result in criminal charges due to the statute of limitations.

The judge rejected Cosby’s bail request, so he was incarcerated immediately.

The Montgomery County District Attorney confirmed his prison term on Twitter. The sentence includes a $25,000 fine and requires Cosby to pay for the cost of his prosecution.

Andrea Constand

According to the terms of the sentence, Cosby will serve a minimum of three years in prison and then become eligible for supervised release, although nothing promises his release at that time, reports Philadelphia public radio station WHYY.

In comments after the hearing, Cosby’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt, spoke out in provocative terms about the sentence, which he claimed followed “the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States.”

“They persecuted Jesus and look what happened,” Wyatt said. “I’m not saying Mr. Cosby’s Jesus but we know what this country has done to black men for centuries.”

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Constand, now 45, provided a lengthy victim impact statement in which she described the assault as traumatizing — a crack in the course of her life.

Bill Cosby is handcuffed after his sentencing for sexual assault
| Credit: Mark Makela/AP/REX/Shutterstock

“When the sexual assault happened, I was a young woman brimming with confidence and looking forward to a future bright with possibilities,” she wrote. “Now, almost 15 years later, I’m a middle-aged woman who’s been stuck in a holding pattern most of her adult life, unable to heal fully or to move forward.”

“Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it. He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others,” Constand wrote.

Addressing the judge, she said, “all I am asking for is justice as the court sees fit,” The New York Times reports.

Cosby did not testify in his own defense at trial, and he again declined to speak during his sentencing.