"I had promised him that after I died, they would take the two of us to New Mexico," Betty Snelling said

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 10, 2015 01:20 PM

http://player.ooyala.com/iframe.js#pbid=f987944e2b8d47c5ad7da7977780b8bd&ec=9hN21mdDqPxF4XGD0_ChHG4AA1kf720fBetty and Byron Snelling of Arcadia, California, were married for 56 years. When Byron (or “Bing,” as Betty called him) died five years ago, Betty had him cremated and held on to his ashes, keeping them in a polished wooden box by her bed.

“I’d just say hello to him in the morning, goodbye at night,” she told local ABC affiliate KABC. “I had promised him that after I died, they would take the two of us to New Mexico.”

But Tuesday, two burglars threw a wrench into that plan. While one – dressed as a utility worker – told Snelling he needed her to accompany him while he inspected a light pole in her backyard, another snuck into her home, making off with jewelry, cash and the box containing Byron’s ashes.

Snelling told KTLA she had “a very tearful afternoon” when the theft occurred, but she has accepted the loss in the meantime. “I thought, ‘Well, does it really matter?’ You know, this is okay. He’s in heaven It’ll be okay.”

Still, she’s holding on to at least one slim hope. “I kept thinking, maybe they’ll just bring it back, knowing what it is. It’s no use to anybody,” Snelling said. “It’s no good to anybody else,” she said. “Doesn’t mean anything to anybody except our whole family.”

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