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August 21, 2014 01:30 PM

Troubling revelations continue to surface in the case of the Chicago teenager and her boyfriend accused of murdering her mother and stuffing her body into a suitcase while vacationing in Bali.

Heather Mack’s violence-prone relationship with her mother, Sheila von Weise-Mack, 62, was detailed in a series of incident reports recently released by the Oak Park (Illinois) Police Department. On Monday, Indonesian police confirmed that the 19-year-old Mack is pregnant.

“Yes, it is positive,” Denpasar Police chief Sr. Comr. Djoko Hari Utomo told reporters after Heather took a pregnancy test on Friday at a hospital near the jails where she and boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, 21, are being held for the murder of her mother.

Shortly after her arrest on Aug. 12, Mack told police she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy and needed to return to the United States for treatment for the potentially life-threatening condition, but Djoko insisted that tests showed her pregnancy was normal and wouldn’t interfere with the police investigation. Her Chicago-based attorney Michael Elkin confirmed her pregnancy to NBC.

Police in Mack’s hometown of Oak Park have also released 92 pages’ worth of incident reports detailing some of their 86 visits to the family’s home between 2004 and 2014. The papers reveal Sheila’s continual struggle to deal with her daughter’s vicious tantrums and physical violence that allegedly left her mother with bruises and, in one instance, a broken arm.

In one particular incident, in April 2011, Sheila dialed 911 because Heather repeatedly bit her on the arm after her mother attempted to make her go to bed. Sheila told officers who responded to the call that, besides the physical abuse, her daughter had threatened to “stop leaving bruises [on Sheila] and just hit her in the head” instead.

The couple were taken into custody hours after Sheila’s bloodied, battered body was discovered by a taxi driver at the upscale St. Regis Bali resort, where the Macks and Schaefer were vacationing. According to police, the pair left the suitcase in the trunk of the taxi, telling the driver to wait for them while they checked out of the five-star resort. Instead, they were reportedly captured on a security camera leaving the hotel through a back entrance.

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“She’s pretty shaken up,” Mack’s attorney Elkin tells PEOPLE of his client. “But she is innocent of committing murder.”

Both Heather and her boyfriend, who have yet to be charged with any crime, are reportedly on suicide watch, according to a Bali police spokesman.

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American Tourist s Body Found In Suitcase At Bali Resort

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