A woman accused of conspiring to extort $25 million from the star chose not to enter a plea

By People Staff
January 28, 2009 03:45 PM
Francis Specker/Landov

Pleasant Bridgewater, a former senator in the Bahamas who is accused of conspiring to help extort $25 million from John Travolta, was granted bail on Wednesday. She chose not to enter a plea in the case.

Bridgewater is accused of plotting with paramedic Tarino Lightbourn to get money from Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston after the death of their son Jett in exchange for suppressing a medical document related to the 16-year-old’s treatment.

The one-page “refusal to transport” document was signed by Travolta when Lightbourn was treating Jett, according to the Bahamian police.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames downplayed the importance of the document, telling PEOPLE: “It did not apply [to the case] because [Jett] was very ill, and so, the only alternative would be to take him to the hospital.

“Refusal to transport documents are for cases involving minor injuries. If your injuries are minor and you don’t want to be transported, the ambulance driver would produce that form. It waives responsibility on the part of the hospital.”

Bridgewater, a lawyer who resigned her Senate seat following her arrest last week, is expected in court Feb. 11.