'I'm Hella Busy with C-Sections:' Seattle Doctor Accused of Sexting Mid-Surgery

Zilberstein also procured a patient's medical records for "his own sexual gratification," according to the charges against him

Photo: Arthur Zilberstein/Sleep_Doctor/Twitter

“Lack of focus.” That was the official reason Washington state’s medical board pulled Seattle anesthesiologist Arthur Zilberstein’s license, though the litany of charges is much more lengthy, perverse and bizarre than that phrase suggests.

Zilberstein, who worked at Swedish Medical Center, is accused – primarily – of sending sexually explicit selfies and texts between April and August of 2013. “I’m hella busy with C sections,” one read, according to the Washington state medical board’s statement of charges. ” My partner walked in as I was pulling up my scrubs. I’m pretty sure he caught me,” read another, suggesting Zilberstein may have been caught in the act at one point.

One person, a patient at Swedish Medical, received multiple sex-related messages, including invitations to visit the hospital for sex – and the pro-tip that she could park in the doctors’ lot – and arrangements to meet in the doctors’ lounge or hospital call room for trysts.

Zilberstein also allegedly acquired the unnamed woman’s medical records “not for medical purposes, but in order to view for his own sexual gratification,” according to the statement.

And – because what’s one more charge on the pile at this point – Zilberstein is also accused of prescribing drugs without keeping proper records.

Thankfully, the charges do not indicate that anyone was hurt by Zilberstein, only that he “put patients at unreasonable risk of harm.” Hella risk of harm, one could even say.

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