Jennifer Coppedge's daughter claims her mom ran over her leg after she tried to hastily exit the car

By Benjamin VanHoose
November 15, 2019 10:06 AM
Arizona Department of Corrections

One 15-year-old Arizona girl is accusing her mother of running her over while driving drunk.

Jennifer Coppedge, 38, was arrested earlier this week on charges of reckless child abuse and driving under the influence, according to the Associated Press. Authorities say the Wickenburg woman is also being held for possible endangerment and aggravated DUI with an interlock device charges.

A lawyer for Coppedge could not be immediately identified.

The teenaged daughter reportedly told police that her mother picked her up on Saturday, noticeably drunk. Not wanting to be in the vehicle, the girl said she jumped out of the car when Coppedge allegedly ran over the girl’s leg, leaving her with injuries, including cuts, according to the AP. Two of Coppedge’s other children were also in the car at the time — a son, 12, and a 2-year-old daughter.

A spokesperson from the Wickenburg Police Department told PEOPLE there is no evidence that the vehicle made contact with the daughter, however.

“The daughter’s injuries are consistent with her report of falling out of the vehicle and hitting the ground,” the spokesperson said.

Police told the AP that prior to the incident, in order to start the car, Coppedge allegedly had her son exhale into her ignition interlock device, which prevents an engine to start if the breath-analyzing instrument detects alcohol.

The device is directly wired to the ignition and is installed on the dashboard. In Arizona, the Department of Transportation monitors and inspects the devices periodically for any “tampering, circumvention or malfunction.

According to records from the Arizona Department of Corrections, Coppedge was arrested for aggravated DUI in 2007. She was found guilty and was placed on probation following a brief time spent in prison, per court documents.