Appeals Court: Pause the Camera on Lindsay's Testimony

Lohan gets a temporary victory in her bid to stop her videotaped deposition

Lindsay Lohan found support – for now – from an appeals court in her effort to bar a video camera from her deposition testimony in a car-crash lawsuit.

The three-judge panel of California’s Second District Court of Appeal has ruled that the trial judge must explain why he’s allowing the testimony to be captured on video. A hearing is set for March 26.

In the meantime, the camera ban is in place, according to papers released Thursday.

In November, L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern denied Lohan’s no-video request for her upcoming deposition in a civil lawsuit involving a car accident two years ago.

The ruling came over the strong objections of Lohan’s attorney, who says he feared the video would be sold by one of the many people who’d have access to it.

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