June 27, 2008 12:50 PM

Anne Hathaway wasn’t there when her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri was arrested – but her dog was.

The former couple’s chocolate Lab, Esmeralda, was staying with the now-jailed Italian businessman and his mother in Follieri’s Trump Tower apartment when FBI agents arrested Follieri on charges of wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering June 24.

Agents left Esmeralda at home with Follieri’s mom, says FBI spokesperson Jim Margolin: “Dog not charged with anything.”

Hathaway, who split with Follieri earlier this month, has been traveling to promote her movie Get Smart. No word yet on where Esmeralda will wind up, but Hathaway has often talked about her bond with the pooch. “My dog is very angry with me right now,” she told reporters at a movie junket last year. “I just turned down a meeting tomorrow because I have to go home to be with her. She just wants her mommy and daddy.”

Spending misappropriated money on dog-walking services is one of the many misdeeds Follieri is accused of.

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