Body of Missing GA. Student Anitra Gunn Found After She Disappeared on Valentine's Day

A part of Anitra Gunn's car was reportedly found near her body

Anitra Gunn Facebook

The body of Anitra Gunn, a college student who has been missing since Valentine’s Day, has been found by authorities in Georgia.

The 23-year-old’s body was discovered by investigators in Crawford County, Georgia, near the Peach County line, said Georgia Bureau of Investigations special agent JT Ricketson, local station 13WMAZ reported Tuesday.

Anitra’s body was found around 3:20 p.m., Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese said, according to the outlet. Her body was recovered by a task force that had taken to the ground because the weather was too poor for an aerial search, and authorities said her body was partially covered.

Anitra was reported missing over the weekend after her friends and family hadn’t heard from her.

Christopher Gunn, Anitra’s father, told 11Alive that the last time he had spoken to his daughter was on Friday morning to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day. But throughout that day, friends and family members didn’t hear from Anitra after reaching out to her.

“She never texted them back, didn’t call them back. That’s when we knew something is definitely out of whack,” Christopher said, according to 13WMAZ.

Anitra Gunn Facebook
Anitra Gunn.

Anitra was last seen at the home of her boyfriend’s aunt on Friday, Peach County investigators previously said, PEOPLE previously reported. A welfare check was conducted at Anitra’s apartment later that same day, but investigators didn’t find anything out of place.

On Saturday, Anitra’s car was found near her apartment in a neighbor’s yard, missing its front bumper — something that Deese told 13WMAZ investigators thought was “very important.”

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11Alive reported on Tuesday that a part of Anitra’s car — ostensibly the bumper — was found near her body, about 150 yards from the road.

The outlet reported on Tuesday that Anitra’s boyfriend has been interviewed three times.

The Peach County Sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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