Sisters Lindsey and Leslie Adams will be deported following the incident

Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket/Getty

Two Arizona sisters were arrested in Cambodia on Friday after taking nude pictures inside the country’s Angkor Wat temple.

Local authorities say Lindsey and Leslie Adams, 22 and 20, respectively, “lowered their pants to their knees and took pictures of their buttocks” on the sacred ground, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

The sisters were arrested and fined $250 apiece. They are also banned from returning to the country for four years.

“The court decided to expel them from Cambodia,” prosecutor Koeut Sovannareth told AFP. They were expected to be deported on Sunday morning.

He added that the women confessed to making a mistake.

Still, Chau Sun Kerya, a spokeswoman for the Apsara Authority – the agency that manages the temple – said that does not excuse their actions.

“Perhaps they did not know Angkor is a holy site. But their inappropriate activities affect the sanctity of the place,” she told AFP.

This is the second “nude selfie” incident at the temple in fewer than 10 days. Three French male tourists were arrested in January after they were caught taking naked pictures inside the temple.

And just before that, nude photos of three Asian women posing in the temple went viral, outraging local officials, who vowed to crack down on any similar offenders.