A source tells PEOPLE the former child star often looks "insanely disheveled"

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd and Jennifer Garcia
Updated May 24, 2013 08:00 PM
Credit: Splash News Online

Amanda Bynes has been attracting attention and concern for her erratic behavior in recent months – culminating in her arrest Thursday night for allegedly smoking pot in her lobby and tossing a bong out her 36th-floor New York apartment window.

And a resident of her building says her strangeness is even more magnified up close.

“She just stares at people. Her eyes look really messed up. It’s very clear [to me that] she’s not just smoking pot,” the resident tells PEOPLE.

The former child star, 27, was released Friday morning following her arraignment on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and unlawful possession of marijuana, and the building source made it clear she won’t be welcomed back by the neighbors with open arms.

“When you see her, you’re nervous to even be in the elevator with her,” says the source.

Bynes, who underwent a psychiatric evaluation Thursday night after her arrest, and appeared in court in a frizzy blond wig and sweat pants, often looks equally unusual in the building.

“Sometimes she’s really dressed up, studded Louboutins and white jeans but with tanning lotion all over her and carrying her big gold bag. Other times she is so insanely disheveled in Adidas flip-flops and sweats with her hair all messed up,” says the source. “It’s clear from very far away, just by looking at her and the way she acts, that she has issues.”

Inside her apartment, the scene is similarly concerning. A neighbor who has been inside her apartment saw that her bathtub was filled with boxes and other items, and that the unit is very messy and dirty.

The odd habits are in line with her provocative Twitter postings, and almost daily media accounts of unusual behavior, in addition to her history of DUI and automobile-related cases in Los Angeles.

The building source says Bynes has trouble simply walking down the hall.

“She stumbles. She sways and can barely stand up straight. She walks into people a lot. She just doesn’t have any regard for people around her or where she is going.”