Amanda Bynes's Mother Granted Legal Control Over Her Daughter

The actress will remain hospitalized in a Ventura, Calif., hospital under a new 30-day hold

Photo: AKM-GSI

Amanda Bynes is still in need of serious medical care.

In a Ventura, Calif., courtroom Friday, it was revealed the actress is now under a 30-day psychiatric hold initiated by her doctor, after she had been hospitalized for 17 days.

Judge Glen M. Reiser agreed with her doctor’s finding “of her lack of capacity to give consent for medical care,” and approved, temporarily, the actress’s mother Lynn Bynes’s request to take legal control over her daughter’s well-being and finances.

While the actress is hospitalized, however, her doctor will maintain authority over her treatment.

The actress’s court-appointed attorney, Mary Shea, told the judge her client does “oppose and object [to the conservatorship]. She doesn’t feel there’s a need.”

The conservatorship grants Lynn Bynes, who attended the hearing with her husband Rick, the power to make decisions over where her daughter will live, including basic needs like food and clothing. She also has the power to manage the actress’s estimated savings of $3 million.

Amanda, who was expected to show in court, did not attend the hearing. “I do still want to have a dialogue with [her],” the judge stated.

Lynn Bynes will remain temporary conservator until Sept. 30.

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