Facing DUI and hit-and-run charges, the actress has had her license suspended
Credit: West Hollywood Sheriff's Station

Amanda Bynes has officially been asked to put away her car keys.

On Wednesday, the starlet, 26, was ordered by L.A. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel not to drive without a valid driver’s license, PEOPLE confirms.

But on Thursday night, she got behind the wheel, driving around West Hollywood and tapping a parked car with the bumper of her black BMW 5-series, TMZ reports.

On Sunday, the former child star was stopped by police officers in L.A. when her headlights weren’t on, but she was not asked to show her license, according to the Times, noting that police are not required to ask for a license in all instances.

At a hearing Wednesday before Revel – who had presided over some of Lindsay Lohan‘s legal problems – the District Attorney’s Office asked the judge to address the issue of Bynes’s driver’s license.

Bynes’s attorney Bob Wilson – who appeared on behalf of the actress, who didn’t attend – initially told the judge: “We haven’t completed her DMV hearing so she couldn’t have lost her license,” E! News

But later Wilson said the D.A. informed him that the actress’s license does in fact come up as suspended in the official records.

Sunday wasn’t apparently the only day she was on the road. TMZ posted photos of Bynes “driving for hours” and smoking out of some sort of pipe on Tuesday.

Bynes’s rep did not respond to requests for comment.