Pictured: The 2 Men Charged with Murder of Pastor's Pregnant Wife Amanda Blackburn

A third suspect, Diano Gordon, could be charged in the coming weeks

Photo: Courtesy Indianapolis Police Department

Two men face murder charges in the death of Amanda Blackburn, a pregnant pastor’s wife in Indianapolis, investigators announced at a press conference Monday.

Both Larry Jo Taylor, Jr., 18, the alleged triggerman, and Jalen Watson, 21, have been charged, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said at the press conference.

Amanda Blackburn was shot once in the head during the November 10 home invasion, where the pregnant 28-year-old mother lived with her pastor husband, Davey, and the couple’s toddler son, Weston. Police say Weston was home at the time of the shooting but not harmed.

After allegedly committing two burglaries nearby, Curry alleged that three men – Taylor, Watson, and Diano Gordan, 24 – entered the Blackburn home through an unlocked door.

Police say that Davey Blackburn returned home from the gym to find his wife unconscious and on the floor, bleeding from her head.

For Amanda, death did not come soon. She died the day after the shooting, after being removed from life support machines.

Curry told reporters there was no evidence to warrant sexual assault charges against the three men, but noted his office’s investigation into the homicide continues.

Curry claimed that DNA evidence was recovered from a sweater and that eventually led police to Taylor.

Taylor and Watson are both charged with murder, Curry said. Gordan is being held on unrelated criminal counts but could be charged in the coming weeks.

Curry said Watson and Gordan left the Blackburn’s home with Amanda’s ATM card in search of a cash machine.

According to court records accessed by PEOPLE, Taylor faces a total of 13 criminal counts. These include three each for murder and burglary and four counts of theft. Additionally, Taylor has been charged with robbery, criminal confinement, and unlicensed handgun possession, records show.

Taylor was arrested Sunday night and is being held at Marion County Jail, where Watson is also in custody. It is not known whether either defendant has a lawyer yet.

Chief Richard Hate of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said investigators worked “long hours with no sleep” to “tirelessly” piece together enough evidence to link Larry Jo Taylor, Jr., to the crime scene.

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