Amal Clooney May Help Her Jailed Journalist Client to Freedom

The human rights lawyer has been working to free jailed Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy

Photo: Pacific Coast News; EPA/Landov

There may soon be good news for a client of Amal Clooney‘s. The human rights lawyer has been working to free Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who’s been locked up in a Cairo jail for 400 days on charges of aiding a terrorist group.

Fahmy, who works for Al-Jazeera, was jailed alongside two other men, allegedly for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and sentenced to seven to 10 years behind bars. One of those men, Peter Greste, was released today.

With Greste on a plane home to Australia, Fahmy’s chances of release look all the better, as behind-the-scenes negotiations to deport him to Canada continue.

“His deportation is in its final stages. We are hopeful,” Fahmy’s girlfriend, Marwa Omara, told Reuters, with the news agency adding that a security official says Fahmy will be released within days.

That would certainly be a relief to Clooney, who co-authored a statement on Jan. 15, expressing frustration that Canadian authorities had not been able to gain Fahmy’s freedom after a meeting with Egyptian officials.

“We thank the Government of Canada for its efforts in seeking Mr. Fahmy’s return. We are however disappointed that nothing more concrete was announced after the meeting and we hope that the Canadian government is resolved to continue the diplomatic process until Fahmy is released and can return home.”

Fahmy’s case is just one keeping Clooney busy. Last week, she she appeared before the European Court of Human Rights representing Armenia in a trial centering around genocide denial. She also continues to represent Greece in its attempt to reclaim the famed Elgin Marbles from the British Museum in London.

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