In Secret Recordings Aired on 'Dr. Phil', Voice Said to Be Jared Fogle's Discusses Sexual Desires for Children

The voice alleged to be Fogle's expresses interest in girls and boys "of all ages"

Jared Fogle. Photo: Michael Conroy/AP

Secretly-taped phone recordings aired on Thursday’s “Dr. Phil” show allegedly carrying the voice of Jared Fogle contain admissions of the speaker’s sexual interest in children.

Fogle, the former spokesman for the Subway sandwich chain, agreed in September to plead guilty to having sex with minors and child pornography, and will be sentenced next month to between five and 12-and-a-half years in prison.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s producers acquired the Fogle tapes from Rochelle Herman-Walrond, a self-described journalist and former radio host from Florida who said she secretly recorded Fogle and became an FBI informant. (The agency has publicly acknowledged receiving the tapes before raiding Fogle s Indiana home on July 7, but has not confirmed that Herman-Walrond ever worked with investigators as an undercover informant.) Additional audio will be aired during Friday’s “Dr. Phil” show.

In one instance, the speaker, allegedly Fogle tells Herman-Walrond that he likes boys and girls of “all ages,” adding, “that’s the thing I mean. It depends…who is ready for what.”

Herman-Walrond told McGraw that she tricked Fogle into thinking she was planning a party for him that would include several underage guests – friends of her children, she allegedly explained to him. The speaker then insists that Herman-Walrond wear skimpy clothing, saying it might get the children “sexed up.”

In other audio, the speaker asks Herman-Walrond to describe her daughter’s 7- and 8-year-old male and female friends. He wants specifics, he says, on those “you think are pretty hot” or “cute.” The speaker also wants to know who “the most promising” of those children are.

At one point, Herman-Walrond describes a fictional 8-year-old girl who has problems at home. Later in the conversation, when Herman-Walrond asks what traits to look for in potential victims, the speaker keys in on the vulnerable child.

The speaker suggests “the girl from the broken home” as a “definite possibility,” noting she might be more amenable to seduction if “you just show her some affection.”

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The speaker suggests the couple take a trip in another clip. He’s heard saying that “if we’re gonna try to get some young kids with us, it would be a lot easier” to fly “to Thailand.”

Speaker Allegedly Discusses Method of Sexually Approaching Kids

The speaker alleged to be Fogle allegedly discusses getting closer to children in another clip, saying he would wait for one to “give you the glance” before making a move. He even outlines how he allegedly approaches kids:

“We just start sharing stories, and then, you know, we get a little closer, and a little closer, and a little closer, and before you know it, it just starts to happen,” the speaker tells Herman-Walrond. He adds that it’s not difficult “at all” to lure in children.

Hermand-Walrond also told Dr. Phil she made notified Subway about the alleged Fogle recordings in 2011. The chain issued a statement saying that the complaint came via Subway’s website, and that “there was nothing that implied anything about sexual behavior or criminal activity involving Mr. Fogle.” But it added, “We regret that this comment was not properly escalated and acted upon.”

In previews of Friday’s program, the speaker appears to ask Herman-Walrond over the phone if she’d let him watch her 10- and 11-year-old children “get naked,” and even suggests a camera be installed in her kids’ rooms.

The audio was recorded over five years, Herman-Walrond told McGraw, and their conversations about children were tantamount to “phone sex,” she said.

When they chatted, Fogle allegedly described “what he would like to do to children, what he’s had children do to him, and he wanted me to have this special trip with him to Chicago to go to these crazy clubs and share in his fetishes,” Herman-Walrond tells Dr. Phil.

“It was very creepy and very scary.”

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