Aaron Burrell accidentally dials 911 and records himself and others discussing allegedly stealing a TV
Credit: Courtesy Chaves County Detention Center

It’s almost as if Aaron Burrell’s cell phone has a conscience.

Burrell unintentionally dialed 911 while discussing a burglary with others after the group allegedly stole a television from a house in Roswell, New Mexico, on Sept. 29, according to KOAT-TV Albuquerque.

During the 45-minute call, the dispatcher was reportedly able to hear Burrell’s unintended confession of the crime, the address and description of the residence where the burglary took place and the location of the stolen TV, valued at $4,500, reports ABC News.

When police arrived at the scene, they found that the house discussed during the call had indeed been burglarized. They traced the phone number back to Burrell, located him and questioned him and his wife, who is not charged with a crime.

According to the report, an officer heard Burrell’s wife say, “Is this because my husband’s phone went off again? His phone dials 911 every once in a while.”

However, police say they still don’t know the exact circumstances of the phone call.

Burrell, 37, and Marvin Myers, 30, were arrested on burglary charges and held at the Chaves County Detention Center, each on a $10,000 cash-only bond. A third suspect was arrested, but later released.

Burrell and Myers will return to court on Wednesday, according to ABC News.

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