Source: WIAT
July 23, 2016 12:40 PM

A 14-month-old in Alabama is fighting for her life after being locked in a hot car on Thursday, police say.

The baby was found unconscious after being pulled out of the car by her father, according to Alabama Life. The baby girl had been in the car for up to four hours, police said.

The father of the child had reportedly dropped the mother off at work before starting his job, and forgot that his child was in the backseat, a WIAT reported.

Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards told reporters that the child was transported to Children’s of Alabama hospital, and that her condition was “serious,” as of Thursday afternoon, according to WIAT.

“Last night was extremely challenging for the baby girl but she’s a fighter,” Edwards told reporters, according to Fox 6 News. “I spoke with both parents and they are experiencing a lot of emotion right now. The lobby is filled with family and friends so it appears they have a great support system.”

Edwards went on to say that he saw 12 medical professionals helping the child at the hospital.

Police at the scene said the car temperature reached 160 degrees on that hot day in Birmingham, Fox 6 reported.

A man in a neighboring office to the child’s father told reporters he knew the father, who was “really good” with his daughter.

“I’ve seen this guy for a year or two,” he said, according to Fox 6. “He’s really good with his child. Always waving. Just normal people.”

Several reports noted that there was a heat advisory through 9 p.m. on Thursday. Edwards also told reporters that everyone should be reminded to stay attentive, especially with young children.

“As adults, as parents, we’ve got to slow down, get focused a little bit more and try to make sure we do the best thing by taking care of our kids and being responsible,” he said. “Right now the main priority is to get this child through this crisis right now and then as our investigators begin their investigation, speaking to both parents and really get to the bottom of what really happened.”

Edwards told Alabama Live that the parents do not currently face criminal charges.

The Birmingham Police Department did not respond to a request for comment.

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