Ahmed Mohamed Withdraws from Texas School After Clock-Bomb Incident

The 14-year-old made national news last week when he was detained by police after a teacher mistook a clock he'd made for a bomb


Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old boy who was detained by police after a teacher in Irving, Texas, mistook a clock that he’d made for a bomb last week, has officially been withdrawn from MacArthur High School following the incident.

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, told The Dallas Morning News on Monday that he had withdrawn all of his children from public schools in Irving, Texas.

“Ahmed said, I don’t want to go to MacArthur,” Mohamed said “These kids aren’t going to be happy there.”

Luckily, Ahmed has his pick of schools. Many, including MIT, have offered to take him. But Ahmed isn’t expected to make a decision for a while. Instead, Mohamed hopes to take his son on a vacation to clear his mind.

“It’s torn the family, and makes us very confused,” Mohamed said of his son’s sudden fame. “I ask Allah to bless this time. After that, we’ll see.”

Mohamed previously told PEOPLE that his son wouldn’t be returning to MacArthur because “it will bring back bad memories for him.”

On Monday, Ahmed visited the Google Science Fair, where he met Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Next month, Ahmed will visit the White House for “Astronomy Night,” after receiving an invitation from President Obama.

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