Couch has been sentenced to 720 days in jail
Credit: LM Otero/AP

A Texas judge upheld his ruling that “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch will spend 720 days in jail, according to a reports.

Couch was ordered by Judge Wayne Salvant, Texas judge to spend nearly two years behind bars in April, but a hearing on the matter that was scheduled for May 16, has been canceled, according to CBS.

While the ruling still stands, there is potential for the order to be amended, as Salvant has given the teen’s defense team two weeks to make and argument refuting his ruling, CNN reports.

“Nothing is set in stone, so I might reconsider,” the judge reportedly said.

According to CBS, the judge also outlined a list of restrictions for Couch, 19, that bar him from drinking, using drugs or driving, as well as attending required meetings with a community supervision officer.

Couch’s legal trouble stems from his 2013 drunk driving accident, in which he killed four people and injured nine others when he was only 16. The Texas native’s legal team used the now infamous defense of “affluenza,” stating that Couch’s wealthy upbringing made him unable to understand the consequences of his actions.