Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed was free on bail in a 2016 manslaughter charge when she won her role in the film

By Jeff Truesdell
November 08, 2019 02:02 PM
Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed
Jackson County Jail

The producers of the independent horror film From the Dark cast the actress Wyn Reed in a lead role as a woman who kills.

One day after completing principal shooting on the movie, they learned she’s accused of being an actual killer.

Reed’s stage name — as a writer in addition to acting, she also has used the pen name Tucker Reed — masked her identity as Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, the name under which she was charged with manslaughter in 2016 for allegedly shooting her uncle, Shane Moore, reports The Mail Tribune in Medford, Oregon, where the film promoted as a “rural murder mystery thriller” was shot.

She auditioned and got the part in March 2018 while out on bail, according to the newspaper.

“Unfortunately, being a small micro-budget film company, we didn’t perform background checks on our hires,” the producers, Siskiyou Productions, wrote on their IndieGoGo page. “Lesson learned.”

After the movie shoot ended in September 2018, Moore-Reed — “the person we came to know and respect as a performer and cast member, Wyn Reed,” according to the producers — was arrested on an upgraded charge of murder for the alleged shooting.

Moore-Reed, 30, has pleaded not guilty. A call by PEOPLE to Moore-Reed’s defense attorney, Larry Roloff, was not immediately returned.

Her mother, Kelly Reed, a true-crime author and former California lawyer who previously represented the model and 1993 Playboy Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith and was present when the July 2016 shooting occurred, told The Washington Post it was self-defense.

At the time, the family was wrangling over ownership of a house belonging to Shane Moore’s mother in Jackson County, Oregon, according to a January bond hearing for Moore-Reed, reports TV station KOBI. The actress and writer, who previously had obtained a restraining order against her uncle, allegedly shot him in the chest as he stepped inside the front door, and he bled to death from his injury.

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Moore-Reed initially faced two counts of manslaughter. A cell phone video recording of the incident that later was found on Moore-Reed’s phone led to the added murder charge.

“This appeared to be an intentional act,” Medford police detective Tony Young testified at the bond hearing, ” … and that she was angry during this time.”

Moore-Reed’s next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 9, according to the Mail Tribune. She is being held in the Jackson County jail without bond, jail records show.

The real-life twist has left the filmmakers wondering what will become of their unreleased film.

“Basically the lead character knows they’re in trouble, and she just nailed the right level of fear,” executive producer Matthew Spickard told Medford TV station KTVL. “She’s just a really talented actress.”

Co-screenwriter Justin Adams told the outlet: “I won’t spoil, but there’s a key scene where she shoots somebody in similar fashion.”

On IndieGoGo, the producers wrote: “When it did come to our attention, we didn’t know what to do, so we simply continued post-production and hoped for the best. We certainly don’t want to jump to conclusions as the trial has not yet begun, and until the trial is over, she is innocent until proven guilty. We don’t want to harm her, her case, or our reputations as filmmakers over something we honestly did not know.”

Four days before they released the trailer for the movie on Halloween, the producers wrote in a separate post on their Facebook page: “Given the nature of this predicament, we hope that it is understandable that we have taken some time to find the best way to address it. … We thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy all of the hard work we have done.”