Abby Lee Miller on How She's Tried to Remain Calm Ahead of Fraud Sentencing: 'It's out of My Hands'

The former Dance Moms coach was charged with attempting to hide $775,000 of income from the Lifetime series

The day of Abby Lee Miller‘s sentencing hearing has arrived.

On Monday, a federal judge in Pittsburgh will decide the fate of the former Dance Moms coach, who in October 2015 was charged with attempting to hide $775,000 of income from the Lifetime series, its spin-off Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and multiple other projects during Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Miller, who allegedly hid the money in secret bank accounts between 2012–13, pled guilty to bankruptcy fraud in June 2016. She is also accused of divvying $120,000 and having her friends carry the money in plastic bags in their luggage in August 2014, which she promised to forfeit in January.

Speaking to PEOPLE in April, Miller, 50, revealed that she found her own ways to cope with anxiety leading up to the sentencing hearing, where the judge will decide whether she will go to prison for up to 2½ years for the crime.

“I just yell, I get it out,” she said. “I have to, or I would have ulcers if I dealt with this every day.”

“I have to stay busy,” she continued. “If I thought about it every day, I would just sit around and cry. … I found out a lot of things about people that I loved and trusted that were by my side, by my mother’s side when she died.”

She added through tears: “Whenever money is involved, you find out a lot about people.”

The controversial reality star also said she thinks the prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Melucci, is “trying to make an example out of me.”

But that being said, she maintained that she doesn’t “get stressed out about it.”

“It’s out of my hands,” she said. “I made mistakes. I trusted people. But ultimately I have to take responsibility for those mistakes. I have to take the blame. I have to take the punishment.”


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