5 Things to Know About The Serial Killer Doctor Who Murdered for Revenge

Dr. Anthony Garcia held a grudge against his former employer

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On the afternoon of March 13, 2008, Dr. William Hunter, a Residency Program Director for the Department of Pathology at Creighton University, discovered the bodies of his 11-year-old son and housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, in their Omaha home. Both victims were brutally stabbed in the right side of the neck.

Five years later, tragedy struck again at Creighton University’s pathology program: Police discovered the bodies of Roger and Mary Brumback, both 65, in their West Omaha home on May 14, 2013. Roger, the former chair of Creighton’s Department of Pathology, was discovered in the entranceway, shot three times and stabbed six times in the neck. Mary was found nearby in the living room, stabbed more than 20 times in the neck.

Months later, the chilling truth came out when police arrested their prime suspect, Anthony Garcia, a former Creighton pathology resident. Authorities believe the killings were fueled by Garcia’s long-simmering rage after Brumback and Hunter fired him from Creighton University in 2001 and later wrote letters that kept him from getting medical licenses in different states and acceptance to other residency programs.

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Garcia was charged with four counts of first-degree murder in July of 2013. In October, a jury found Garcia guilty of the murders. He was also was convicted of four counts of use of a deadly weapon and one count of attempted burglary. He has yet to be sentenced.

Here are five things to know about the serial killer doctor who murdered for revenge.

1. Anthony Garcia Was a Regular at Terra Haute Strip Clubs

Garcia was a regular customer at strip clubs in Indiana, where he was known as Dr. Tony. The week after his arrest, police interviewed a stripper who told police that Garcia admitted to killing a “young boy and an old lady,” says Sean Lynch, deputy Douglas County attorney.

2. Garcia was Terminated from Creighton After Attempting to Sabotage a Fellow Resident

Police learned Garcia was put on review status after a botched autopsy and was later terminated by Brumback and Turner for attempting to sabotage a fellow resident who was taking a “high stakes” exam.

“He called the guy’s wife and said your husband was supposed to work tonight at Creighton and he needs to drop what he is doing and get to work,” explains Omaha Police Department detective Derek Mois. “He wanted to derail him taking the exam.”

3. The First Two Victims Were Killed Two Weeks After Garcia Was Fired from Another Residency Program

Authorities believe Garcia finally snapped in February of 2008 when he was fired from the Louisiana State University residency program for having failed to disclose his termination at Creighton. LSU officials had confirmed his dismissal with William Hunter.

Courtesy of Douglas County Attorney

4. Garcia Was Initially Booked for DUI on the Day of His Arrest

Police say when Garcia was pulled over, he was intoxicated and initially booked on a DUI charge.

“When I told him he was under arrest for the murder of four people, his only response was, ‘Oh ok,'” says Mois. “An innocent guy is going to pull a complete tantrum in my mind. This guy was as calm as a cucumber. He had zero reaction. I don’t think he blinked. What we walked away from is this was a guy who knew this day was coming. It was reckoning day.”

5. Garcia Allegedly Had More Targets

Police believe that Garcia wasn’t finished killing. “He had done research on other people who had perceivably wronged him,” says Mois. “I believe he had another victim in mind. We found enough that makes me say fairly confidently that if he had not been arrested when he was, there was going to be another potential victim.”

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