Eight people were shot and a ninth person was killed in a mass shooting Saturday night outside Cincinnati, according to police

By Adam Carlson
July 10, 2017 11:42 AM

Eight people were shot and a ninth person was killed in a mass shooting Saturday night outside Cincinnati, according to police.

Authorities say that family and friends had gathered at a home in Colerain Township, Ohio, when two suspects entered the residence and opened fire about 11:20 p.m.

The violence was brief but left a room full of victims, including three wounded children and a 22-year-old woman dead from multiple gunshots.

Here are five things to know about the case.

1. Shooting Came After Sex-Reveal Party

The victims had attended a sex-reveal party at the Colerain Township home that Saturday where the expectant mother, 21, announced she was pregnant with a boy, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. The party ended earlier in the night but multiple people, kids and adults, remained inside, according to the paper.

Gunfire erupted soon after the group began watching a movie in the living room, the Enquirer reports.

Colerain Township Police Chief Mark Denney said at a Sunday news conference that the suspects entered through the front door, though it’s unclear if they forced their way in or were invited.

2. Shooters Fired Rapidly and Then Fled: Police

The entire shooting lasted “maybe a minute or two,” Denney said.

“It was pretty quick succession, it was one after the other, like they went in there and they unloaded as many bullets as they possibly could and then ran off,” one neighbor told local TV station WLWT.

Six adults were shot, one fatally, Denney said. Three kids, ages 2, 6 and 8, were also shot and wounded.

The surviving victims’ injuries appear to be non-life-threatening, Denney said.

Denney said that Autum Garrett, of Huntington, Indiana, was found dead at the scene when police arrived after the shooting. She had been shot multiple times.

The suspects — police believe there are two of them but said there was no additional information to release — were wearing dark clothing and hoodies, according to the Enquirer and local TV station WXIX.

Following the shooting, they fled on foot, Denney said. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is urged to call police at 513-321-COPS or Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

3. Pregnant Victim Said She Lost Her Baby

One of the adult victims said she lost her baby as a result of the shooting, the Enquirer reports. She said she was shot in the leg and later treated and released from hospital, according to WXIX and TV station WCPO.

It was the pregnant victim’s sex-reveal party, according to the Enquirer. Garrett, who was killed, was apparently a cousin visiting from Indiana.

Chief Denney stressed at Sunday’s news conference that investigators are still gathering information and said he could not confirm that a pregnant woman was among the victims or that she lost her child in the shooting.

Under Ohio law, someone may be charged in the homicide of an unborn baby.

4. No Motive Announced

Several key questions remain unanswered in the shooting, including whether or not the victims were targeted or what might have motivated the shooting.

Police have declined to release much information, citing their ongoing information.

Denney said it was not clear if the shooting was random or what relationships existed between the suspects and victims, if any.

“Early on as we are, there’s a lot more questions that I cannot answer than I can,” he said.

He said that there was no evidence to indicate a “specific threat” to the community. He said the surviving victims are cooperating with police.

“I want to express our deepest sympathies for the victims and families in last night’s tragedy,” he said. “This is a significant issue when there is a shooting of three kids.”

5. 911 Calls Captured Confusion and Grief After the Shooting

At least four people called 911 following the shooting, including witnesses and victims, the Enquirer reports.

“There is little kids hurt and everything,” a female witness said, according to WCPO.

“I just seen two people walk by,” another caller reportedly said. “I looked outside, next thing I know they just ran in and just started shooting.”

“Why would somebody come do this?” he said.