Charges remain pending against a sixth suspect, the only adult in the attack

By Tara Fowler
January 21, 2015 10:10 AM

Five Florida high school football players have been charged in an alleged gang rape that occurred last November.

State Attorney Phil Archer announced on Tuesday that the five juveniles from Winter Springs High School will be charged in the Nov. 13 incident, according to a press release from the state attorney’s office.

The alleged attack, which involved a 16-year-old victim, took place off campus. The victim recorded part of the attack on her iPhone, which she showed to investigators, the Associated Press reports.

Two of the juveniles, 17-year-olds Marquis Pierre and Deoante Stewart, were charged as adults for one count each of sexual battery multiple perpetrators.

Charges were filed against an additional three alleged perpetrators, who are being treated as juveniles. All five students are between the ages of 16 and 17.

There is a sixth student, 18-year-old Torreano Batton – the only legal adult in the case – involved as well, but charges remain pending against him.

Prosecutors conducted interviews and reviewed lab results and other evidence before filing.

The students pleaded not guilty.