One of the suspects in the murder of Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney told a judge, “I don’t understand why I was charged with murder of this child”

By Laura Barcella
October 25, 2019 06:25 PM
Credit: AMBER ALERT - Kamille "cupcake" McKinney/Facebook

Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, the three-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted from a birthday party on October 12, died of asphyxiation by suffocation, according to warrants read aloud in a Friday court appearance for the two suspects charged in her murder,, WSHV, and WVTM report.

She died the same day she was abducted, reports, though her body wasn’t uncovered until October 22, when it was found in a dumpster in a nearby landfill.

On Thursday, two suspects — Patrick Devone Stallworth and his girlfriend, Derick Irisha Brown — were charged with capital murder of a child under the age of 14. They could face the death penalty if convicted. Both are being held at the Jefferson County Jail without bond.

At Friday’s hearing, Stallworth reportedly told the judge, “I don’t understand why I was charged with murder of this child,” when asked if he had any questions.

Credit: Birmingham Police Dept.

Stallworth was charged weeks ago with four counts of possession of obscene material of persons under 17 years of age and three counts of possession with intent to disseminate obscene material after allegedly discovering illicit imagery on his phone.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said both suspects were first detained on Oct. 13 — the day after Kamille vanished from an outdoor birthday party that was held in the common area of an apartment complex.

Brown has been in jail, without bond, since Oct. 13, after her probation was revoked following a 2018 case in which she was accused of abducting her three children from state custody.

In that case, Brown allegedly led cops on a chase on July 13, 2018, before crashing into an innocent motorist and then, a sheriff’s SUV. Her three children were in the vehicle during the pursuit and at the time of the crash, but were not injured.

Brown was charged at that time with three counts of kidnapping, second-degree assault, attempting to elude and four counts of reckless endangerment, according to She is set to go on trial in that case on Nov. 18.

Neither suspect has a connection to Kamille or her family, police have confirmed.

Investigators believe the pair had thought about committing such a crime, and allegedly seized the opportunity to abduct Kamille when they saw an opportunity.

Credit: AMBER ALERT - Kamille "cupcake" McKinney/Facebook

It is unclear at this time what the obscene images allegedly found on Stallworth’s phone depict, but police said they involved underage girls, none of whom was Kamille.

The previous charges Stallworth had faced, police noted, are unrelated to 3-year-old Kamille’s disappearance and death.

Attorneys for them spoke to about the allegations in Kamille’s death.

“He’s just taken aback that he’s considered as a suspect in the disappearance of this lovely child,” Stallworth’s attorney Emory Anthony told the paper.

Adam Danneman, a public defender representing Brown, said she “adamantly denies” knowing anything about the abduction and is “horrified” by the case.

“Like everyone in our community, Ms. Brown is horrified about the ongoing tragedy involving Kamille McKinney. However, she adamantly denies having any personal knowledge or playing any role, direct or indirect, in this child’s abduction,” Danneman wrote in a statement to

A memorial service for the little girl will be held at Birmingham, Alabama’s New Beginnings Christian Ministry on Sunday at 1 p.m.