Parents were present but "not paying attention" when one of the young boys got a hold of the gun

By Stephanie Petit
Updated October 02, 2016 12:40 PM
Credit: Source: Rikki Klaus/Twitter

An 18-month-old boy was fatally shot in a Georgia home on Saturday after he and his 3-year-old brother were left in a room with a loaded handgun.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the “tragic accident” occurred Saturday afternoon when one of two brothers, ages 18 months and 3 years, got a hold of a family member’s gun.

Lt. Mike Ireland told FOX 5 the loaded .45-caliber weapon was set down in a bedroom and after a gunshot went off, two adults who were present turned to see the 18-month-old wounded in the head.

“There were adults in the room at the time, but the adults were not paying attention to what was going on,” Ireland told WSB-TV. “They did not actually see the incident occur.”

After the family called 911, the toddler was rushed to Piedmont Henry Hospital, where he died at around 5 p.m., Fox 5 reports.

Police are investigating if the weapon was fired by the 3-year-old, an adopted child of the family, or if the toddler had picked up gun and the shot was self-inflicted, according to CBS 8.

According to Fox 5, both the parents and grandparents of the boys were in the home at the time of the accident. However, they declined to say who owned the weapon.

Investigators said the grandparents were questioned on Saturday, and the parents will also be interviewed.

“It’s a tragic time for all the family members, so we’re allowing everybody to grieve at this time,” Ireland told WSB-TV.

Henry County Police were not immediately available for comment.